seasons and changes

Yesterday’s warmer weather for the first day of spring was food for my soul. It’s rainy, cool and wet again now, but it was a yummy taste of Spring and Summer on their way. I decided in the last few days of Winter that there were only two things I would miss about winter when it really warms up; my flannelette pyjamas and “Herbie” my lavender smelling, gingerbread man shaped heat pack.

Bring on t-shirts, afternoons at the beach, picnics, flowers in bloom and especially sunshine! I love that my current hometown includes the word “Summer.”

I was thinking today how great it is that we get to experience the seasons each year. And living in Sydney we get 4 distinct seasons. I must say that conversely, the idea of living in a place that barely experiences the seasons and is just cold all year round…is a scary one. Norway and me would not be good buddies for example.

I love the momentum of the seasons…the constant cycles of growth, and new life endings. These changes are not always welcome (like the advent of winter for me!) but inevitable all the same. Changes like seasons move us forward, grow us into more of our selves.

Me and change have a love/hate relationship. I love that changes like seasons move us forward, grow us into more of our selves, open our eyes and hearts to bigger things. I hate the process of change though – the way it tends to expose some part of our selves which is dysfunctional, fearful or sinful and needs to be left behind. It hurts but it’s a good thing in the long run.

Try getting married, moving out of home for the first time to a part of your own city you barely knew existed, finishing uni, changing churches, starting full time work and part time law school in the space of 2 months. Now that is change.

And now just a few years on…I’m not actually lawyering the days away…but more on that another day. Too much incoherent thought and over-editing going on in this brain. Gotta call it a night, but here is a pic I took on a recent weekend away….I kinda love photos too.


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