On Saturday I had the privilege of going to SHINE music conference at my old church in Castle Hill. Having led singing at our church in Redfern for a few years now with basically no training or experience, I realised by the end of the day just how hungry I was for teaching about it! Here are my highlights…

Be brave!!

When we lead worship, we are announcing God’s presence to the congregation.

“Come near to God and He will come hear to you.” James 4:8

Let me be a light upon / a hill so you can shine upon / A world that needs you mighty one ~ “Light upon a Hill,” by St Paul’s

A great encouraging day of equipping and catching up with friends. And I was excited to get up the next morning and starting putting into practice back in Redfern.

What is clear to me is that worship is about living all of a life with a heart which loves God above all. And I fail miserably at this every day. But God remains ever faithful, ever merciful and ever overflowing with abundant love. It’s about Him, it’s not about me. Shining His bright light, and not my own feeble one.


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