food for thought

food for the belly and food for the soul

I really love spending time with other women. Lately I have been trying to challenge myself to have more real conversations with women at church. Earlier this year I put my hand up to do womens ministry at our church. Such a ministry has basically been non-existent in the 3 years we’ve been at Redfern. I have the privilege of working with Nikki Pryde on womens ministry. She is one super organised woman and I am already learning much from her!

Our hope was to run a series of evenings which we could bring our friends along to for food for the belly and for thought. The evenings have taken the form of a Masterchef style cooking class, learning to cook food from another culture and a brief talk on the theme “A message for all nations” which we listen to as we feast.

Food for thought #1: Chinese Chicken Stir Fry with a talk from our minister’s wife Naomi…

And at our second one we learnt some Austrian cuisine – “Liptauer” (a dip) and “Palatschinken” (pancakes).

We heard from a friend who works in Sydney with women of other cultures. I was refreshed to be reminded of the truth of the grace I know in Jesus. And challenged to look at my own life and reflect on the areas where I am still trying to earn God’s approval/earn my redemption by doing good stuff… despite it being DONE in Jesus. Who am I to think I can somehow earn my salvation by good works? God looks at the heart and that is all that counts. So how is my heart going?


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