good friends. good food. two of my favourite things.

Saturday: loving where i live.
It’s Monday now and it took me five minutes to reverse park the car into the one awkward space left in the street. I love it a little less.
I’m thankful I live in Summer Hill. I am surrounded by beautiful parks, diverse and exceptional food, old buildings and generally interesting people. And thats just Summer Hill – not to mention the other neighbouring suburbs with their shanghai dumplings, portugese chicken and authentic Italian pizza.
On Saturday we celebrated a friends’ birthday in Haberfield, just a short walk away (I wish I could say that I walked there but alas no!).
According to  Italian people, Haberfield is the true little Italy in Sydney (not Leichhardt).
I’ve spent time in Leichhardt too and I think it lives up to its claims. Having not been to Italy such conclusions are not overly well-founded. It’s on the to-go list.

We started with coffee and delicious pastries at Papa’s and then embarked on our own little self-guided tour of the shops – we bought fresh pasta (one of the supermarkets had pasta in every aisle), brie and pecorino cheese, olives and cold meats (proscuitto and coppa), tasty crusty bread, quince paste, sicilian olives and strawberries and turkish delight.

happy friends eager for our delicious food!

After such a wonderful picnic feast in the park with such dear friends, I couldn’t help but feel so happy and content  in belly and soul. And when the clouds rolled in bringing with them that crisp smell of impending rain I was ready to chill on my couch sipping earl grey tea. That is exactly what I did!

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