all things christmas #2 – our tree

It’s Christmas Eve….and I’m not working! For all my adult life I have worked on this day – either in retail or in a law firm. It has been so nice to just get organised, reflect, sleep in, brave the shops and do some cooking!

I like real Christmas trees. Give me pine smells and non-symmetrical shapes any day over plastic perfection.

Living in an apartment, having a big real tree has never been an option, so we have a little one in a pot. My first tree lasted two Christmases before wilting away last January. I scouted around in early December looking for a new tree, and found a lovely bushy one at our local florist.

I think he’s cute.

Clive, our tree

I’m looking forward to giving all those presents away and celebrating the wondrous miracle of Jesus’ birth with our families tomorrow – our one1seven church family, my mum’s family and Adam’s family – and with some friends tonight at a Christmas Eve service in the pub. Merry Christmas from a bright write. I hope you are refreshed anew by God’s amazing love and grace seen in His son.


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