summer holiday blessings.

Summer is my favourite time of year, and I deeply treasure spending time with my friends and husband. So a summer holiday by the beach with Adam and a bunch of friends pretty much equals living the dream.

We just spent an exceptional week away with five other couples in a quiet little holiday town near Coffs Harbour. Our abode was a quirky house with a stunning view on a headland.

With all of us staying in the one place, people have asked me “Are you all still friends?” The answer…a resounding yes! (phew!)

Most of us girls are experienced at holidays but bringing the husbands along was a first. We loved watching them bond over…simpsons quotes, beer, soccer games, coffee and fishing expeditions!

Just thought i’d share my top ten holiday highlights…

  1. waking up to the sound and sight of the beach
  2. taking crazy photos (especially on the tree washed up on the beach from the floods!)
  3. playing beach frisbee (brought back memories of my Ultimate Frisbee days)
  4. watching the full moon over the ocean
  5. standing up on my surfboard a few times
  6. playing Cluedo
  7. sitting out on the headland watching the boys fish and chatting
  8. daily zooper doopers, wine and coffee
  9. a very long swim in the ocean with the whole crew as the sun was setting and cheering everyone on as they tried surfing
  10. falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the shore
holiday highlights

It truly was a blessing of a week. Thanks God! I feel so thankful for the opportunity to relax in the sunshine with such great people.

A few post holiday reflections…

I am now slowly shaking off the holiday brain (one day back at work then Australia Day today!) and reflecting and praying about the year ahead. Who to spend time with? How to use my time in a way that honours God? How to get to work on time more consistently?(!!) Where will my work take me this year? What steps will I take in the direction of my heart’s desires this year?

Trusting God’s plans for the future is something I struggle with most days, even though I know in my head that it’s the best way. I can’t control the future so why worry about it…easier written than believed in my heart. Do others struggle with this? I would love to include you in my prayers as I seek to rest more and more in God’s plans.



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