living daily in light of eternity

As far as sticking to my goal of a post a week, this post for last week is (ahem) rather overdue!

At Bible Study last week we pondered the question – if I knew Jesus was coming back in exactly three months, how would I live my life differently? We agreed that three months was a good timeframe – it is both long enough to really change things and short enough to maintain the sense of urgency which we are called to have.

This is such a weighty question. I confess that I take Jesus’ second coming way too lightly. Jesus says the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. For sure I believe this in my head…but I can’t honestly say that I live it from my heart on a daily basis.

My immediate thoughts (honestly)…

  1. I am not good enough yet for this to happen. Which is total irrelevant rubbish – Jesus came to save sinners not good people (Mark 2:17) and God is interested in my faith – expressed in action.
  2. I haven’t done the things that I was planning to yet.  Have kids, change the world, see friends and family saved, encourage others to change the world… and yet – only God knows all the days ordained for me (Psalm 139:16). Ultimately I can’t control any of these things.
  3. That’s not enough time for my unsaved friends and family to be saved. Really? Where is my faith that with God is powerful over these things?

I know I want to make a difference. I want to help. I want to make my days count for eternity. So where to from here? I heard someone say recently that if we truly love Jesus with all our heart, soul and mind then “evangelism” will come naturally. Far out this is challenging, I really do love Jesus but I find sharing the gospel a daunting thing. I get scared. What matters is that there really is no greater gift than what God offers us in Jesus and my friend’s soul has no greater need than to know relationship with her creator and redeemer.

As I wrote in my last post, life can be pretty tough at times – and I would have no hope in facing it without knowing Jesus. Truly.

There’s a lady at my church who had the very worst of weeks last week. Her son had multiple epileptic fits, her husband needs to go to a nursing home for dementia and she lost her job. Sad. Overwhelming. Life-changing.

Tonight I helped a woman at the legal centre where I volunteer, who had been severely taken advantage of and poorly treated for two years by her solicitor in amidst the stress of a divorce. How can this be? I had compassion for her.

When my dear friend texted me the other day saying she was crying on her husband’s shoulder, overwhelmed and under lots of pressure in a new job, I was sitting in our local park. It started to rain – tiny light specks.


rainy reminders


Often the suffering in the world overwhelms me, I want to do something to help everyone in need, but as those specks descended, I sensed our creator God saying, “take heart, it makes me sad too. Remember I am bigger than these things – I am in control.” I find great comfort in knowing Jesus will return and wipe away every tear from our eyes. It seems like a long way off…or is it? I desperately want others I know and love to have this hope too, so perhaps this would be helped by living as if there’s only 3 months (whether or not it’s true), every day.


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