Unexpected but welcome revelations

I wanted to share two revelations God has given me this week:

1. I don’t enjoy clothes shopping any more.
It hit me when I popped into Myer the other day and as I gazed at rack upon rack of dresses, tops, pants and all the odd apparently fashionable bits in between. I felt almost nothing. Empty if anything – as if just looking at it all was somehow eating away at my soul. It was all so…small.

I think on one level I have felt this for a long time. But I truly feel like something’s changed since the days of window shopping every other lunch break in Pitt St Mall.

And this is a good feeling. My soul yearns for bigger things.

2. I can wake up early & exercise … And get fit!
Over the last four or five weeks (since the training with work) by Gods grace He has helped me to start getting up early and going walking a few mornings a week.

This has been strengthening and encouraging for me in so many ways – feeling healthier physically and emotionally, but also realizing that getting fitter is possible even for me. Sounds obvious but I don’t think my level of fitness has changed much since I stopped playing hockey and netball over a decade ago.

I’m not going to lie to you, until the moment when I hit the footpath, most of me wishes I could just hop back under the covers.

And oh the sunrises… what a gorgeous reward from God for being up and about. The drizzling rain was less fun but still a reminder of God’s presence.

a sunrise on a wednesday


I think God is continuing to show me that in Him, I am capable – of the small things and big things that He has placed me on this earth for. Is my heart open to all He has in store? I hope so.

the beauty of creation

And as for the clothes shopping, I’m sure I’ll still do it when I need to but there is great joy in knowing that God is transforming me so that my heart and soul mind longs for more. Deeper, bigger, purposeful, truthful, world-changing things.


4 Replies to “Unexpected but welcome revelations”

  1. Beautiful.
    What a lovely lovely post. I am praising God for what he is doing in your life.
    Don’t waste your life! As John Piper says. (great sermon – you can get it on iTunes)
    Thanks for sharing Nai.

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