how can I help you?

If you read my blog regularly you would know that I something I have been reflecting on a lot and am passionate about, is helping people. Especially those who really need it.

I am really blessed to have a mentor. She is a wise mother of three, who recently became a grandma and loves to disciple young women. We meet up once a month over lunch and chat through some of the things I am wrestling with, struggling in, or just thinking through.

As I shared about my growing heart for justice and helping the disadvantaged, my mentor said – “so you’re helping people at the legal centre and you’re helping people through your job at International Teams, but that’s not enough for you is it?” She’s right. It’s not. So she has challenged me reflect on – “what do I mean by help?”

As I was driving down the M4 last weekend singing worship songs and on a high after an amazing couple of days at Hillsong Colour Your World Conference, I felt moved to simply start asking those around me who may be in need or just struggling with life…

How can I help you?

It seems simple. Obvious even. But even with my desire to help, for a while I have been stuck in a mindset of waiting for a need or a person or people group to really grab me and inspire me towards helping. I think this approach is wrong. I suspect that if I was to keep waiting that I might just end up spending a lot of time ‘on the couch’ and not actually out there doing anything.

I also keep thinking that I have to go out and ‘find’ the people who need my help. My mentor suggested that I first needed to look at those already around me. At church, in my family, friends, others I know through my International Teams connections. Of course!

So first steps…I felt moved to reconnect one-on-one with someone I’ve known for a long time, who is a relatively new sister in Christ.  She is keen to catch up in the next few weeks.

There are a bunch of other questions I am pondering, like…

– what am I already doing that helps others? Can I do more?

– sometimes people will ask for help that I cannot (for one reason or another) give – how will I deal with this?

– do I want to help people using my profession as a Solicitor OR through the church or International Teams or other opportunities?

– sometimes people will just want to be listened to. I know this may be incredibly valuable but am I ok with offering my ears but nothing practical?

I don’t have the answers yet – this is all part of the journey. Though I will keep you posted as I reflect on these questions and start to ask the critical one of others.


One Reply to “how can I help you?”

  1. a few years ago i was lucky enough to see some video footage of lee stringer at the sydney writers festival. he is a negro american and a survivor of ice or crack or something like that. he has written a couple of books that are worth reading (sleepaway school and grand central winter) but even they don’t compare to that amazing session where he outlined a truly humanitarian and realistic way of helping others to the best of your abilities – no more no less. if you can only help one person thats ok. if you can’t help the next person you don’t need to beat yourself up about it. you do what you can because you can and thats it.

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