something different

With my husband quite focussed on his EP over the Easter weekend, I decided I needed projects of my own. In five days I didn’t end up spending a huge amount of time on these things, but I did manage to drag my container of assorted art supplies out from under the desk and re-explore its contents.

And so I painted.

Now keeping in mind that I’m quite the perfectionist and have a nasty habit of wanting to be good at certain things pretty much immediately (eg. surfing!) pulling out the art is indeed risky. Perfection is unattainable – perhaps because it is just not the point when it comes to painting, or the arts in general.

I gravitate towards painting landscapes – trees, sunsets, clouds, mountains – but like to try and make them look realistic, so not easy. I have one of those in the works.

When Adam popped out for a break and saw me painting, he broke my perfectionist train of thought and encouraged me to “just paint anything…it doesn’t have to be something real.” True. Obvious even.

So I fought the perfection, and gave this free painting thing a go.

Here’s the result…

burst forth

2 Replies to “something different”

  1. I love the result Nai – i didn’t know you were so good at painting! I can really feel the energy and love the title you gave it:)

  2. Love it.
    Sus is out painting tonight for the first time in possibly 5 years. Must be something in the air!

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