can this summer girl be friends with winter?

I started this blog around late Winter last year, as the flowers were starting to come out, and the days were getting warmer, sunnier and longer. Now it’s almost Winter again, and crisp wind, short days and brisk mornings are feeling pretty commonplace.

I am not a Winter girl by any stretch of the imagination. I like wearing hoodies, uggboots and snuggling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket, but I don’t think that winter and I have ever or will ever be good friends. Give me thongs, sundress and swimmers any day!

Now I realise that Sydney is not really all that cold by world, Australian  or NSWstandards, but that aside it has been pretty cold for May.  The first cold snap here in Sydney and I’ve been fighting the first cold of the season, and I’m wearing multiple layers at home just to ward off the chills. Maybe I’m cold blooded. I definitely seem to have lower resilience to the cold temperatures than some of my friends (you know who you are!) but a pretty similarly low tolerance to that of my lovely mum — so perhaps it’s genetic?

The external effects are one thing but for me the struggle with being cold and feeling sick, goes deeper. The thought of another few months of feeling sick and cold most of the day leaves me feeling pretty miserable, and entertaining constant ‘I wish…(our flat had less windows/it was already summer) thoughts or dwelling on the pain and discomfort of the cold in general.

Now I know deep down though that I don’t have to (or want to) let the external circumstances of this life affect my hope or my joy. Cold surely doesn’t have to equal miserable, right?!

So I’m wondering whether I can make it through the winter months without complaining about the cold? Can Winter and I become friends? Perhaps I’ll start with one week and keep a tally of how many times I talk and think about feeling cold. Hmmm…as soon as I wrote that I thought about how cold my toes were … This could be seriously challenging. Stay tuned!

Here’s a photo from a weekend away a few years ago…and proof that (1) it’s possible to be quite happy in Winter and (2) not all of my friends feel the cold like I do – even in the Blue Mountains!

Blackheath with the girls in 2007

3 Replies to “can this summer girl be friends with winter?”

  1. Maybe instead of a negative challenge (counting how many times you complain), do a positive challenge. See if you can come up with a list of things that you like about winter. One a day? Then you’ll have 100 reasons for liking winter! Here’s a few: yummy soups and casseroles, warming up in the sunshine, less sweat!!

    1. Thanks Naomi! That is a really good idea. Less self-punishment and more celebration of the good things God has given us. I was also thinking that I probably wouldn’t love summer as much if I didn’t have winter to compare it to!

  2. This reminds me of what my father always said to me when I complained that the weather was miserable – “No YOU are miserable – the weather is merely wet”! Gee thanks! But I’m with you in hating the cold – and then God gives me 10 years in Europe – in a very cold Ukraine and a very wet Holland! But it is true the spring is all the more amazingly beautiful after a cold winter.

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