John Stott – some reflections after reading his Obituary

“Here then are two instructions, ‘love your neighbor’ and ‘go and make disciples.’ What is the relation between the two? Some of us behave as if we thought them identical, so that if we have shared the gospel with somebody, we consider we have completed our responsibility to love him. But no. The Great Commission neither explains, nor exhausts, nor supersedes the Great Commandment. What it does is to add to the command of neighbor-love and neighbor-service a new and urgent Christian dimension. If we truly love our neighbor, we shall without doubt tell him the Good News of Jesus. But equally, if we truly love our neighbor, we shall not stop there.”

John Stott at the World Evangelisation Conference Lausanne, in 1974 – excerpt from an Obituary for John Stott in Christianity Today

Such true words. I was challenged and inspired anew in my desire for the Gospel to be proclaimed – in word and deed – as I read these words spoken so bravely many years ago in the Obituary of John Stott who passed away yesterday. I’m not well versed in theology but I believe that the fruit of the Late John Stott’s ministry and his passion for the Gospel will continue to multiply for generations to come. I’m thankful for the way he sought to unite the church and help us understand that there is no dichotomy in the Bible between preaching the gospel and loving our neighbour.

Read the full obituary online


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