Getting my craft on

I’ve been finding it hard lately to be motivated to write on here. It’s not for lack of ideas. Even though I love writing and I am deeply thankful for the opportunity I have to be paid to write and edit for CMS, it’s not always what I feel like doing when I come home at night – not for a few hours anyway – and hey, then it’s almost bedtime (or past it, like now).

My sister Heidi gave me a cross-stitch for my birthday. My first one. I’m proud to say that after watching some rather nerdy ‘How to cross stitch’ YouTube videos, I’ve already started it (one of the blessings of an Easter long weekend) – by which I mean two small rows of stitching. It’s a good feeling to be creating something which doesn’t require an electronic screen of any kind! Just precision, the ability to count squares on a grid and a whole lot of perseverance. A cinch…or perhaps not. I sense that, like many things in life, it will be more about the process than the finished product. I’m ok with that – and I wonder what I’m going to learn about myself along the way?


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