Our story

Today is five years to the day since Adam proposed. This is our story. 

At the time I was in my final year of my law degree, working as a Law Clerk for a generous, vivacious,  spontaneous, slightly scatter-brained and at times, demanding female partner of a law firm. She was an Environment & Planning Lawyer and worked closely with a bunch of councils around Sydney. Part of my job was being sent off all over the city and beyond in taxis on all sorts of escapades, to collect dry-cleaning, retrieve misplaced phones, bags, suitcases, and occasionally to deliver/file/serve documents to other law firms, local councils and courts. 

On the afternoon of Thursday 19th April 2007, my boss sent me in a taxi to deliver a parcel, supposedly a ‘tender’ to Warringah Council. Adam had taken the day off to attend his little sister’s uni graduation. My colleagues had encouraged me to take my bag and just get a taxi home. I called Adam on my way to the  council to tell him of my movements. He insisted on coming to the council to pick me up. Just thought he was being kind, until he just walked casually into the council chambers where I was waiting to deliver my parcel to the right person. I later learned that it was just some old irrelevant folder. 

We walked out to the car and I suggested we go get a milkshake or something by the beach…he then proceeded to drive us away from the direction of home and informed me that he had good and bad news and which would I like first? Bad, I said, which was ‘you’re not having dinner with Claire and Matt tonight.’ Claire was about to get married and move to the other side of the world. Sad Nai. Good? You’re having dinner with me! I think I reacted with a <mildly disappointed> ‘oh.’

As we kept driving north on Pittwater Road, I twigged to where we were probably headed and to what was about to unfold. I think I pinched myself. We had been talking about and praying about the right time to get married, having been together for four years. And yet that day I was so perfectly surprised.

Adam had sweetly bought me something else to wear so I didn’t have to stay in my work clothes…which (in the least glamorous part of the evening), I changed into in some service station toilet.

We arrived at an almost deserted Palm Beach, (where he had taken me on our very first date: genius!) and Adam, shooing me away from the car boot then laid out a picnic dinner as the sun was beginning to set over the water. Hard to remember all the details but I do recall wine, chicken and salad with fruit salad after. After a little walk on the beach he went back to the boot and my keyboard playing man reappeared with guitar.

After playing the intro through about five times, my love sang me a song – not the first music he’d given me, but the very first with words and the first time he’d ever sung in front of me or anyone. He was so nervous. 

Then he took my hand, pulled me off the blanket and we ran ever so fast down to the shoreline. He got down on knee and asked ‘will you be my wife?’ producing the gorgeous ring he had designed all on his own. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mini chocolate cake, more wine, photos and text messages and phone calls. And then for my new fiancee, a long drive home to Stanmore via dropping in on our family in Castle Hill. 

My man still writes songs that make me cry, but is much less nervous about singing in front of people (bit hard to avoid when you release an EP). He still takes risks, buys great presents, knows what I love. Marriage is way harder than I expected, and also way better! There’s no-one else I’d rather face the joys and challenges of life with.

I’m so glad he asked. And I’m so glad I said yes. Love you husband.

Photo of us just after Adam asked me to be his wife.
Just engaged!



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