the to-do’s that can’t be done

In the past week I/we have booked flights to Spain, searched for, inspected, applied for and been approved on a new apartment to rent, organised removalists, cleaners and squeezed in a wedding and a long-planned day trip with my mum.

I like ticking things off my to-do list. And yes – sometimes I write things on and then immediately cross them off.

But after all that productivity and busyness perhaps it’s no surprise that I’ve been unwell. My doctor basically told me to take three days off work. That seemed extreme but it’s now the end of day three, and I’m feeling pretty determined to go back to work tomorrow, even though I don’t yet feel vastly better.

With all this time at home, I’ve been reflecting on the fact that some things in life can’t simply be ticked off.

I have lamented before how frustrated I feel when I get sick. I can try to do all the ‘right’ things to help myself get better (rest, water, vitamins, healthy food, take my medicine) but the time it takes is ultimately beyond my control.

Given that it’s only been a few days, not being in control of my rate of healing is a good reminder that control is always an illusion – even things which look under control generally aren’t and never will be. God made me, and sustains me at all times, so I guess I have to let the to-do list go and simply trust him.


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