Advent Blog Day 3 – Clive the Christmas Tree

Yes we have a Christmas tree called Clive. He’s three Christmases old now.

We almost lost him after some serious western sun exposure at our old place in Petersham. Thankfully he responded well to our ‘Clive Alive’ campaign last November (aka water and a decent pot).

Now I wouldn’t necessarily say Clive has grown significantly since Christmas 2010, but he has certainly evolved…

Clive, December 2010
Clive, December 2010
Clive, December 2012
Clive, December 2012

Clive is a unique tree, or to use Adam’s words, he is ‘the ugly duckling’ of trees – still becoming something beautiful apparently. I wonder why his pine needles are confined to the ends of his branches now – he’s all spindly in the middle, and somewhat lost his Christmas tree shape.

There’s something special about having a real pine tree in your home at Christmas. We had real ones when I was really little, then one year Dad planted the tree in the garden and a plastic one took its place. I’ve rediscovered in recent years how much I love the pine tree smell, and plus, it feels good to simply return him to the balcony in January. I just hope he doesn’t droop under the weight of the decorations…


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