Advent Blog Day 5 – Our first BBQ

I have a slightly shameful confession to make. We’ve been somewhat un–Australian for the past five years – we’ve never had our own BBQ.
Until today, when (after much research of course), Adam bought us our first BBQ!
Adam with our new BBQ!
Adam with our new BBQ!
I’m excited about all the different foods I’ll get to ‘grill’, and about learning the art of the ole Aussie BBQ for myself. I also hope that having it helps us to be more hospitable, and so I’m looking forward to the meals we’ll share with family, friends and neighbours in the years ahead. Bring on summer BBQ’s on our balcony!

3 Replies to “Advent Blog Day 5 – Our first BBQ”

  1. I’m sorry… “I’ll get to grill” – girl the first thing you need to know about an Aussie BBQ is that you are never going to be allowed anywhere near it!!! You’ll be in the kitchen making the salads & Adam will be controlling the BBQ! Sad but true!

    1. Hmmm, I agree that is the stereotype Kathy, but our family discussions about the BBQ to date would suggest that Adam really wants me to know both how to use it, and actually use it! So I’m appreciate the warning, but hopefully you’re wrong!

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