Advent Blog Day 13 – Gingerbread House Making Day!

photo 1

Tonight my friend Kaley hosted a ‘Gingerbread is awesome’ party, complete with gingerbread cocktails and tiny take-home gingerbread houses for your tea-cup! I’ve been surrounded by lovely ladies, and mountains of lollies, icing and delightfully scented gingerbread all evening. Bliss!

tea-cup gingerbread houses
tea-cup gingerbread houses

And this is my 2012 gingerbread house:

my gingerbread house!
my gingerbread house!

I don’t know how many gingerbread houses I’ve made over the years. My friends Kirsty and Mel helped instil this rather excellent and tasty tradition in me many years ago.

There’s something very satisfying about building a small house and then covering it in intricate lolly designs, while covering oneself in icing sugar, and eating all the ‘mistakes’ along the way. What’s not to like?!

But making the house and enjoying it on display at Christmas time is only half the tradition. This is the other half:



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