‘My’ (not-so) secret garden

Nestled in the middle of three office towers and the freeway that leads to the Harbour Bridge, there lies a garden. Grass, ponds, shady trees, a fountain, interesting plants and garden seats. Each day, as long as it’s not raining, I escape from our dark windowless office, lunch in hand and wander through the lobbies of those office buildings (with my best accountant/banker face on of course) to the little sanctuary beyond.

This little garden is my favourite place to spend my lunch breaks. Though on an especially sunny day it can be hard to find a seat, it’s rarely crowded – with people or birds or cigarette smoke, rather unlike the other parks and open spaces in the city.* Here I sit, eat, read and ponder over my Bible, soak up the sun and people watch. This escape sustains me, refocuses me on the bigger picture and helps me keep going through the afternoon.

It’s not really so secret either – you would just have to know it was there. I’m thankful for my slightly secret garden.

my secret garden

*Once, an ibis tried to steal my lunch out of my hand here, but I haven’t seen any for weeks!

(And after what turned into a month long break from blogging after my Advent Blog, it feels good to be writing on here again). 


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