15.5.14: mum for a week

Today was the day our daughter was due to arrive in the world. I thought I would be taking another selfie of my belly in the apartment lift, relaxing on the couch, distracting myself with craft projects and/or needlessly cleaning some unseen surface of our apartment. First babies are typically late. Everyone knows that.

Beautiful Eva surprised her usually late-running parents by arriving eight days before her due date, last Wednesday 7 May 2014. Instead of the cleaning, waiting and discomfort of the end of pregnancy, the hospital let us take our daughter home on Saturday morning – despite our total cluelessness about being parents – and we’ve now had a week together as a family of three. We really, actually get to keep her. Amazing. Daunting. Humbling.


I’m a Mum now…and always will be. I have looked forward to this role for a long time. Now it’s a reality. On Sunday I had the joy of celebrating my first Mother’s Day. In only a week, motherhood has brought me to tears many times (happy ones), changed my priorities, made me feel more protective than ever before and thrown open my heart to a new kind of love. It’s given me new respect for every mum who’s gone before me.

A book I was given by my boss before going on maternity leave describes motherhood as the hardest job you’ll ever love. This feels true so far. I have no manual for my little girl. I am loving getting to know her a little better each day. As I guess and try things, succeed, fail, and persevere, I think Eva will show me how to be her mum. My prayer is to seek to be faithful to God in this new role and to be the best Mum to Eva that I can be.



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