about me

I’m Nai. I love God, my amazingly generous and gifted husband Adam, our precious daughter, my friends, my family, and our church family at one1seven Church in Redfern. Relationships are so important to me, so I love to fill my time catching up with people I love.

the chapters so far…

I’m passionate about making a difference in the world which lasts for eternity and I love writing. Somehow(!) I ended up a lawyer for a couple of years but that wasn’t where my heart was.

I left my job as a lawyer in May 2010 to go and work for a mission organisation called International Teams. It was a big change and God grew me in so many ways while I worked there…and many of the posts on this blog are about the opportunities I was blessed with, incredible people I met, places I visited and the many things I learned.

In December 2011, a new chapter began as I started working as a Writer for CMS Australia, another mission organisation. I am very thankful for the opportunity to support the ministries of many faithful people working all over the world for the kingdom of God, using my passion for writing.

I’ve been on maternity leave from my work at CMS since mid April 2014. I love being a Mum, and am thankful for the blessing our daughter is to us and to others, and for the many new relationships and opportunities that this new chapter of life has opened.

Why a bright write?

I called this blog “a bright write” for a few reasons. Along with “shining”, the word “bright” has been on my heart for awhile now. I want to offer something positive, hopeful and bright here. Because although the world is not always a bright place, and I am not always living a bright life, I am thankful I have a bright hope in Jesus.


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