the joy of helping

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that, despite not really wanting to, I chose to help my husband make his music video. Here’s the finished product…

No regrets. I am so glad I chose to help. Aside from being the right decision to support my husband, it was fun pulling a tiny wooden car all over Petersham. If for nothing else than the variety of responses from passers-by (cats included!) from people volunteering to model, to people who pretended we weren’t there and forced us to do re-takes!

I’m so proud of my husband. And pretty honoured that the song he picked for his first music video is the one that’s about us.

Hooray for helping!


more than proud.

“Proud” goes some way to conveying how I felt last night as I stood amongst loyal friends – old and new – and family watching my dear husband launch his EP – “Foreground Vice, Background Sky.” I felt the kind of joy and love that sits right down in my gut and makes me well up if I think about it for too long.

The words, melodies and beats forged together with his passionate heart and intensely focused mind, as he overcame barriers, both technical and personal, over long days and late nights, are completed and released. Set free rather like wild birds released from a cage.

It would be a lie to say it has been easy to walk alongside him on this road. But when a friend asked me last night whether it had all been worth it, the answer has always been and still is, a resounding YES!

It has been a privilege to be there each step of the way – from hearing the newly written songs in the raw to making decisions about mixing, from clapping out percussion tracks in the studio with friends to celebrating the completion of the final mix. I loved being involved.

To those who partied with us at the Launch last night – in spirit (from Mexico to the UK and in between), and in person (from the Shire to Blacktown), thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for encouraging Adam in the pursuit of this dream.

Adam – you continue to amaze me. It is such an honour to be your wife.

Above all, may God receive the glory! Last night saw many prayers answered. We are deeply thankful for His grace, gifts and guidance and are filled with hopeful expectation at what may lie ahead.

Curious to hear his songs? You can buy them here!

Watch Adam’s pre-launch video here.

breaking the drought

It’s been an eventful month since my last post, so I thought I’d break this little blog post drought I’ve had going with a few highlights…

We celebrated our God-daughter’s first birthday back in October. After family sickness postponed the party when it was scheduled for the day of her birthday, God blessed our friends with a glorious, sunny Sunday.  My giant pass-the-parcel seemed to go down a treat with the kiddies and their parents, and friends and family enjoyed the BBQ feast and all the sweet treats that followed. After helping cut the cake, and while posing for photos, Bethany could be found staring at the giant pink and purple butterfly before her and then with characteristic vigour, ploughed her little fingers straight into the edge of the cake. Ah the things that are ok when you’re 1…which never will be again! It is such a joy and privilege to be God-parents, and to be part of her life as she grows and flourishes. Here’s a fun photo from her party…

With our friends Jus and Suse and Bethany

Adam played his first gig in Australia at the opening of the new Ikea Tempe store. Despite pouring rain, sickness and the challenge of playing to a rather unique crowd of Ikea fans at 8am, I thought he did amazingly well. Pop over to his blog to check out the video…

And just a couple of days later, our church hosted its first major community event, Jazz for Soup. Now in all honesty I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about this when we first started planning, but it was truly a great night. I even realised that I don’t mind jazz music (despite having recently boldly declared to at least a couple of international lovers of the genre, that I ‘hated’ it). Oops. I was deeply encouraged by God bringing so many people into our church. We had the best problem of all…scrounging around for more bowls, chairs and spoons! The following video provides a little taste of the evening…enjoy!

Oh and I just remembered that my 10 year high school reunion happened a few weeks back too, but that can be summarised as fun, wierd and good.

And on that note, goodnight. The drought is broken, but I will be back soon! There are more words waiting within…