Advent Blog Day 2 – Denarius Day

Our church, one1seven in Redfern, Sydney, sets aside a Sunday each year for ‘Denarius Day.’ This year’s was today. A denarius was a day’s wage when Jesus walked on earth, and so each church member is encouraged to give a day’s wage on this particular Sunday. The money collected then goes to a special designated cause.

Denarius coin, possibly similar to the one Jesus referred to
Denarius coin, possibly similar to the one Jesus referred to

We choose a different project to give to each year. Last year we supported the Anglican Aid East Africa Famine Appeal and the year before we supported a ministry to the homeless in a neighbouring suburb.

This year we are supporting a project of one of our missionaries, Viorica. Viorica works with a team called Nea Zoi, reaching out to women and men who have been enslaved in prostitution in Athens. The team is reaching out to women working in brothels, helping women get out, helping them find alternative employment and above all, sharing God’s love in Jesus with them.

The team is planning to set up a short-term shelter space. Viorica shared this need with me several months ago, saying that having the space will “mean that when a girl wants to come out, day or night-time – we can have her stay in that room for 2–3 days until she feels safe and secure, calms down and decide what she wants to do next”. The team will then help her go to a long-term shelter, or help repatriate her to her family.

As Missions Coordinator at church, I’ve had the privilege of sharing about this vital project with our church. I’m thankful for the way our church has supported Viorica and her ministry in Athens today. I’m looking forward to seeing the transformed space and praying God might use it for his glory.

We’re blessed to be a blessing to others.



I did it!

Earlier this year, my friend Kath inspired me to embark on a two month challenge of not spending money on myself (with the exception of essential items) until my birthday. The goal – to think less about me and my wants and more about… God and other more important things. She was doing a three month challenge and is still going strong!

Today is my birthday, so I’m happy to say that I made it!

The shops were essentially off-limits, except for buying gifts for others. I was liberated from being lured into the clothing and accessories shops that lie between the office and the train station. I’d like to say I didn’t do any net browsing for pretty clothes and shoes but I mostly blame joining Pinterest for that! I have spent most lunch times outside, often reading my Bible, instead of in the shops.

now what?

We’ve always channelled some of our income into separate ‘spending’ accounts, since we got married. As a rule, he likes to spend, I like to save. It has worked a dream for us. So Adam challenged me to consider giving the money I saved by not doing any spending, to someone else. Good challenge. I prayed about it and I’m eager to do this.

But there’s more. Going to the Hillsong Colour Conference last week has left me pondering whether I could make this challenge not just a one-off thing, but a way of life. I’m so thankful for all I have received, from education to jobs to friends and family – I’m very blessed – so how could I be more generous and help others? Stay tuned! If you pray, pray for wisdom and guidance from God about the ideas and stirrings on my heart.