breaking the drought

It’s been an eventful month since my last post, so I thought I’d break this little blog post drought I’ve had going with a few highlights…

We celebrated our God-daughter’s first birthday back in October. After family sickness postponed the party when it was scheduled for the day of her birthday, God blessed our friends with a glorious, sunny Sunday.  My giant pass-the-parcel seemed to go down a treat with the kiddies and their parents, and friends and family enjoyed the BBQ feast and all the sweet treats that followed. After helping cut the cake, and while posing for photos, Bethany could be found staring at the giant pink and purple butterfly before her and then with characteristic vigour, ploughed her little fingers straight into the edge of the cake. Ah the things that are ok when you’re 1…which never will be again! It is such a joy and privilege to be God-parents, and to be part of her life as she grows and flourishes. Here’s a fun photo from her party…

With our friends Jus and Suse and Bethany

Adam played his first gig in Australia at the opening of the new Ikea Tempe store. Despite pouring rain, sickness and the challenge of playing to a rather unique crowd of Ikea fans at 8am, I thought he did amazingly well. Pop over to his blog to check out the video…

And just a couple of days later, our church hosted its first major community event, Jazz for Soup. Now in all honesty I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about this when we first started planning, but it was truly a great night. I even realised that I don’t mind jazz music (despite having recently boldly declared to at least a couple of international lovers of the genre, that I ‘hated’ it). Oops. I was deeply encouraged by God bringing so many people into our church. We had the best problem of all…scrounging around for more bowls, chairs and spoons! The following video provides a little taste of the evening…enjoy!

Oh and I just remembered that my 10 year high school reunion happened a few weeks back too, but that can be summarised as fun, wierd and good.

And on that note, goodnight. The drought is broken, but I will be back soon! There are more words waiting within…


music and my heart for justice

the week

A Tropical Cyclone in Queensland and a heatwave here. My love of summer has been somewhat diminished by this crazy week.  Right now I’m loving the relief brought by the evening breeze.

This week is my sixth postaweek2011 post. Yay! I’m trying to stick to my goal with loose rules about what counts as a ‘week.’

live music show #1: sufjan

We had the blessing of seeing two great musicians in two nights last Friday/Saturday. The first was Sufjan Stevens at the Opera House. A great last minute decision to take some cheap tickets offered by a friend (spontaneous decisions to change my plans for the evening are not my forte, but I am learning to embrace them!). Sufjan is a very talented, rather eccentric performer – but I confess I spent about half the time watching the backing vocalists as they sang, danced, played percussion instruments and other bits n pieces. I also loved that a giant net of balloons, small and large was let down in the last song. They used to do this at the Family Concerts my parents took us to at the Opera House when we were kids and as they bounced about the audience and the stage, it brought back fond memories.

live music show #2 – brooke

Brooke Fraser - Live in Sydney

I bought the tickets months ago. I’ve listened to her albums over and over…and over again. This show was much anticipated and did not disappoint. Brooke Fraser‘s songs are rich with stories of life and love, loss and hope. And you can appreciate them through your iphone headphones, but the words and melodies have a whole new depth when she sings them live.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the title track of her latest album Flags. But this song brought me to tears on Saturday and it’s hard to put into words why. I think the song paints a picture of our broken world – of injustice to the vulnerable and innocent. This is the part that got me:

You who mourn will be comforted
You who hunger will hunger no more
All the last shall be first
Of this I am sure

You who weep now will laugh again
All you lonely be lonely no more
Yes, the last will be first
Of this I’m sure

Oh what a beautiful day it will be when the broken world is redeemed. I look forward to this day so much, but for now on this earth and in light of my faith, I can’t ignore injustice. It tugs at my heart like nothing else. I hate it. I hate it happening to people close to me in small things and I hate it happening to people I don’t know in big ways. I can’t let my life ‘blow about like a flag on the land,’ as Brooke says in this song. I want to stand up and make a difference with my life count.

During the song I sensed God answering a dilemma I’ve been struggling over for a couple of weeks. I’m still praying about it, so you’ll have to read one of my future posts to find out more.

But for now…

“Open your mouth and sing out your song, life is short as the day is long.”

(‘Here’s to you’ by Brooke Fraser)

Will you sing out your song too?

a brave step

My husband is pursuing his dreams.

He has taken time off work and uplifted almost his entire home studio setup and driven up to a little house in Katoomba to record for a few days. In the last few months he has written and recorded demos of 10 songs, with the plan to record an EP of 6 songs. The recording starts now…

And I could not be prouder!

The fact that he is simply there; ready to record is a success in itself. He may spend a large chunk of his time trying to help people use water more efficiently as an Environmental Engineer but I think most of his brain space is devoted to his music. And to that he is deeply devoted – from gear to software to singing techniques – he reads about it, thinks about it, talks about it, loses sleep over it, and would love to be making it as much as he could. It is truly his passion.

Adam loves his gear


If only there was some way it could actually make money for us to survive on. His is our main source of income now since I took my job with the mission organisation.  We hope and pray that someday, somehow he can be spending most of his time on his passion. That’s in God’s hands and even though it seems impossible now we are trying to keep trusting that he’ll work things out for good!

One of his big dreams is for us to live in a house with a studio by the beach – recording all day, afternoon surfs. So a borrowed house in the Blue Mountains with road cases as tables is not quite the same but all things considered, I think it’s a brave step in the direction of his heart’s desire. And as his wife that is a source of great joy to me.

By the way (and i’m not biased at all) his songs are powerful and honest. The man is talented… …is where you can find out more and read his blog!