Moved to tears | playing savings

Have you ever saved up the last of something you loved just because you didn’t want it to end? From Easter chocolate to money, stickers, jewellery or the tastiest morsel on my dinner plate, I have always been a saver.

A few years ago I refused to watch the last episode of Scrubs. I played savings. I know, I know – it’s just a TV show. But I was involved, and I couldn’t face the fact that it was over and there would be no more seasons.*

I recently decided that I was ready to see it, and last night we watched the final double episode. With ‘The Book of Love’ by Peter Gabriel playing in the background, I was moved to tears by the closing epilogue scenes. The scenes give a glimpse of the future – as JD and Elliot finally marry, have kids, and everyone reunites some time down the track for a Christmas celebration. The montage of happily ever after scenes gave me closure. I was moved to happy tears and it was good.

I am working on the ‘playing savings’ thing, and these days feel it’s better to use the things I have now, not wastefully, but also without fear about what the future holds.

This post was inspired by Moved to Tears over on the daily post.

* They did make Scrubs Season 9. We started watching it tonight. Some of the same characters, but a different writer and vibe.